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Jean Monnet Chair

Professor Gazmend QORRAJ holds the Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration at the University of Prishtina. He received his PhD from University of Ljubljana in 2009 and MA Economics of International Trade and European Integration in 2004 at Staffordshire University, UK & Vrije University Brussels. He worked for Banking and Payment Authority of Kosovo, as Monetary Analyst, for ICU (World Bank & EU Unit) as Finance Manager, adviser to Minister of Economy and Finance until June 2005.

From June 2005 until February 2008 he has been Kosovo National Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South East Europe and adviser to Prime Minister Kosovo on EU integration issues. He was also Co-Chair of Kosovo Delegation on CEFTA 2006 Negotiations (2006-2007). Since 2001 teaches at University of Prishtina. He also worked within Tempus Office at Faculty of Economics and since 2006 teaches at ISU organized by Vienna University of Business and Economics. On 2010 he published a book in English language, Entrepreneurs and Self-employees ‘’ which was published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. His second book,, Kosovo and European Integration’’ is under publication.

Currently he is Head of IIE-Institute for European Integration a think-tank organization. On 2011 he is awarded as a Jean Monnet Chair on EU economic Studies from EU Commission (Education and Culture DG, Lifelong Learning program).