The Project promotes lectures, research and other activities related to EU issues. The lectures will be held at the Faculty of Economics, and other Faculties within University of Prishtina, which will contribute to the development of better understanding of EU subjects by students. In addition there is courses on European Integration at other HE institutions to promote the knowledge of European Integration and its importance for Kosovo as part of  Jean Monet Chair responsibilities. 

Jean Monnet Lectures  at Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina,

Jean Monnet  Lectures at the University of Peja,

Jean Monnet Lectures  at Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina,

Jean Monnet Lectures at the University of Prishtina*Master Level ,     

Jean Monnet  Lectures  at Department Political Sciences, University of Prishtina .  

Roundtable – Stabilization and Association Agreement and Kosovo, March, 2020, Prishtina.

Erasmus Day